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Purpose Driven Mom Show

May 28, 2020

When you have so much stuff in your home, where do you even start to create calm and peace?

Starting can be the hardest place when trying to create a more simplified life. Your self-expectations of trying to get "everything right" will cause you to crash and burn more often than not. So why even bother trying?!
Perfectionism will always stop you. And perfect is not you. You are called to be authentically you. 
You are a good mom. And there is no real standard that your home has to live up to!
There are no rules that you are breaking --- expect those expectations that you are placing on yourself.
But at the same time, a tidy home is a more peaceful space to be in and it's a lot easier to tidy up a home when there is less stuff.
Let's deep dive into this topic of creating your own simplified life today, with Desirae from  
Listen in and be encouraged today.