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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Apr 29, 2021

How about ditching the diet cycle and the shame around weight loss and food and why not try a brain-based approach to getting healthy?! Listen in on this fresh perspective of brain-based eating from Lauren Koski.

She says that it’s not your fault that the diets you’ve tried in the past have not worked out for you. And here’s why … you need a better plan.

If you stop relying on your willpower and start using your brain power you can use this brain-based approach to weight loss and stop feeling trapped and imprisoned by food.

Lauren is a certified health and nutrition coach and she specializes in helping women bust out of the diet cycle to reach their ideal weight and she uses her non-diet shift weight loss method.

When you listen to today’s episode you will dive into how to change your thoughts around food being good or bad. (and why this is so important) as well as how to talk to your kids about food in a positive way. Let’s create food freedom in your life.