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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Nov 15, 2021

Did you know that not every goal should be broken down the same?

Often when we look at our goals, we try to break things down identically and we can get stuck. I teach 3 different types of goals - numerical, project-based and routine-based. Today on the podcast, I'm breaking down numerical goals and how you can easily map and adjust them for your own season and action plan.

Numerical goals are simple to break down and emotionless. When looking at numerical goals, I want you to look at the math. Numerical goals are ones that can be easily broken down by numbers and NOT specifically tasks.

- Identify your goal
- Pick your timeline for completion
- Divide up what you want to accomplish/timeline for completion
- Create an action plan that allows you to accomplish it in 15 minutes or less
- Adjust your goals periodically to stay on track

If you want to hear more, just comment and we can get you the link for today's podcast. I also talk about these in my workshop on in my bio (@apurposedrivenmom) so head over for more details!

And I want to know, what's a numerical goal you're looking to accomplish by the end of the year?