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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Nov 18, 2021

Why do we struggle with routines?! Maybe you are thinking … “I keep trying routines and nothing seems to stick.”

In today’s episode Cara is sharing in her interview that failing routines are happening because of one of these two reasons:

No. 1 You are trying to do too much too fast.
No.2 You don't have an actual plan for your routines and you’re waiting for motivation

But according to the gurus out there, routines happen when >>> “You're why needs to be bigger than your excuses.” this is a beautiful meme that we’ve seen everywhere to inspire us, busy moms, to action?! We are calling baloney on this quote.

All this does is make us feel shame and guilt. Our “why’s” are our family, and telling us moms that when we don’t show up for our routines and our goals --- we don’t want it “bad enough” and your “why” doesn’t matter --- it means that we don’t care about our family enough!?!?


That’s so messed up!!

How about a different way to create your routine?! Without the shaming and guilt?!

With a routine that will stick!

Listen in on today’s episode to get Cara’s whole plan for routine set up as a busy mom.