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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Feb 24, 2022

Getting the goal accomplished can be SO hard!

Yes, we can make the goal!
Yes, we can map out a plan!

But what about completing the goal and checking it off?!

That’s the hard part.

Sometimes we forget about the goal and the small steps needed every day in our 15 minutes chunks. Sometimes life just happens and there is zero room. Sometimes we tried but getting to the end of our quarter means we are still not done with our goals. Argh!

Another goal NOT done!

So …
How do we conquer our goals?
How do we become flexible with life happening?
How do we STOP quitting on our goals?
How do we STOP pushing our goals off until “later”?!

Today, we are talking about readjusting your goals, because readjusting is the secret sauce to slowly, and imperfectly accomplishing our goals. Readjustment is what is going to get us there! Let’s take this even one step farther and put a due date on our goals. Which means we are always moving forward!

Let’s close out our quarter in a smart way that has our goals adjusted and we are going strong. This means goals are accomplished and on “time”!

The 15 Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey