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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Dec 29, 2022

oday I'm gonna give you a behind-the-scenes of the Business Round Table because my friend Laura was on to talk all about SEO and how to make money blogging. It was such a good round table that I wanted to give it to you before the year ended.

I know that you might be thinking about starting to work from home. So many of the moms that come to the Purpose Driven Mom Club are just like you! You're thinking of an idea, and you kind of want to get started. You want to find more people. You don't wanna be glued to social media on the phone. SO — SEO is a great tool!

Laura gives an entire presentation, so club members, you can go watch that, if you want to see it what SEO does. Then we have great questions pop up at the end., so this episode is a little bit longer, but it has so much juice.

If you're thinking of starting a blog, you wanna get a system for SEO and learn how you can use SEO to make some money for your blog, whether it's brand new or been around for a while — Laura's the person you're gonna want to go check out.


The 15-Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey