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Purpose Driven Mom Show

May 18, 2023

Today Cara is talking to Erin Landon all about how Erin was able to use the SOAR method to not only organize her homestead but also to help her get her card-making business up and off the ground.

Erin is a club member (A Purpose Driven Mom Club) a serial entrepreneur and a work-at-home mom. And today she is going to share with us how she's able to take the methods: pre-planning and breaking her goals down --- that allowed her to, show that her week is easier and that she can get everything done including time for novel reading.

A lot of people will say to Cara, "Oh, Cara, I don't wanna take the time to break everything down. Like that just feels so overwhelming, I can't do it!" But in this episode, Erin is gonna share with you how she went from being overwhelmed with everything she had to do and dreamed of doing --- to actually doing everything she wants plus time for hobbies. All by breaking everything down. (but not in a scary way 😉)


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