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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jan 26, 2023

Welcome to the Purpose Driven Mom Show episode 300! 🎉 What a milestone. Thank you! To all of you that listen every week! Thank you!

Today, Cara is going to talk about one of her main pillars for being a productive mom, and that is 12-week planning. We're going to share a video that we did in the 2023 planning workshop. So check out the clip at to see what Cara is teaching in today’s episode.

In this workshop, we are using January as our planning month, and we are planning things quarterly. This is so important for our busy mom lives and Cara gets into all the juicy details of this in this episode.

We are also talking about how to decide on themes for each quarter, how to set up your categories as well as how to make this all customized to you!

We love quarterly planning in order to help us:
➡️ take care of that Monday mentality
➡️ gives us urgency
➡️ plus allowing the much-needed flexibility that we as moms need

Let’s stop pushing your goals off for the next few months and let’s instead make a plan for your goals to get completed. 

The 15-Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey