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Purpose Driven Mom Show

May 22, 2023

Are you a work-at-home mom struggling to balance productivity and personal goals while taking care of your family? The Purpose Driven Mom Summit might just be the solution you've been looking for! In this episode, Cara Harvey, founder of A Purpose Driven Mom, shares her journey of how the summit has grown over the years and become a catalyst for her business. With over 8,000 attendees in 2022, the summit offers practical tips and strategies for moms to manage their mom life without perfectionism or guilt.

But planning a successful summit involves intensive work and a well-thought-out strategy. Cara shares her summit process of dreaming, planning, and executing the summit, emphasizing the importance of backward planning and breaking down tasks into manageable chunks. She also stresses the need to balance personal life and summit planning and encourages listeners to take care of themselves and recognize when it's time to rest.

So, are you ready to shift your thinking around productivity and join the Purpose Driven Mom Summit?


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The 15-Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey