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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jan 23, 2020

Today's special episode is a recording from the 2019 Purpose Driven Mom Summit! This presentation was called The Truth about Work/Life Balance and was taught by Kim Williams from Single Black Motherhood.

Kim Williams is a blogger, podcaster, and mom of one amazing six old girl named McKinley Grace. She is a Mississippi native, currently living in Houston, Texas.

In her spare time, Kim enjoys reading self-help books, sharing what she learns, and traveling.

A year after relocating to Houston, Kim found herself without the support system she thought she had so she started her platform to build a community and share her journey. Little did she know, it would grow into so much more.

Kim is very passionate about educating single moms so that they can live the life they desire without feeling alone on the journey of Single Motherhood, which can become so isolating. Since launching, moms have been able to implement strategies to improve, make connections with other single moms, and see change in their life.




Episode Show Notes

4:15 Meet Kim from Single Black Motherhood

5:19 What exactly is work/life balance?

8:15 How to determine what things to sacrifice to make motherhood work for you

10:00 Picking your 4 quadrants to prioritize

11:47 How to create more 'balance' at work

16:09 How to create more pockets of time for you

17:00 The power of friendships and community

19:33 Why we need a better 'work/life balance'

22:00 Anchoring your values into your time



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