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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jun 26, 2020

Goal Setting Workshop Series a FREE Live Training Virtual Event. Adjusting your 2020 goals to end the year strong! How can you make the rest of 2020 --- the year you get done what matters!

Join the Free Video Series to Reset Your 2020 Goals:

Instead of starting the year overwhelmed, unsure of what goals you should work on, and feeling behind - let's finish the year with clarity. 

As busy moms, we often put our own goals on the back burner or don't spend any time even creating them. How often does the month or year-end and we ask ourselves "what did I even accomplish?"

It's time to ditch the overwhelm and spend time figuring out what actually matters for you for the rest of the year! 2020 has felt like a game of Jumanji - but it's not time to throw in the towel! Let's pivot and adjust your plan together!