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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Sep 19, 2019

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 19: Changing Your Mindset with Personal Growth

Personal growth and development is something so many moms put on hold because they don't know how to get it in, they aren't sure how to afford it or they don't believe they are worth it. Today, I'll break down how to get in personal growth (on a budget!) and what to do to get started TODAY!




Episode Show Notes

2:15 Review of the Week

3:10 Creating a Personal Growth Budget

7:03 The Return on Investment when you work on you

11:18 What is personal growth?

12:48 My story with personal growth

17:05 How to find time to read during the day (listen to podcast episode 6 How to Create a Reading Culture in Your Home)

18:10 Using the 15 Minute Formula with Personal Growth

21:00 Best ways to find books to help you grow

24:02 Using audiobooks to grow - get a 30 day trial + 2 free books on Audible

26:00 Fitting podcasts into your day

29:05 Digital Courses that help moms

32:00 Virtual and in person events

36:05 What to do with your personal growth takeaways




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