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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Oct 15, 2020

Struggling with money mindset? Today we are talking about money mindset and money trauma and how both are the leveraging factor to what you do and think about money.

What happened to you in your childhood around financials --- whether it's what your parents did or said about money, can affect your money mindset today. We are going to dig deep with money mindset because that is what is actually driving your financial decisions.

When we can't stick to a budget what is actually going on is that you can feel like you are lacking on all fronts for self discipline and feel like there is something wrong with you and it becomes your identity that you are not good enough where it's actually a lot of the experience and examples that were shown to you in the past.

Which have become how you think about money and yourself. Stripping it down to how we can flip that money mindset script to the positive, as well as where to start is what Stephanie talks about today.