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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jun 13, 2019


 This week's episode was an episode with meal planning guru Elisa Giorgio of Meal Planning Blueprints! We chat all about how meal planning can save us time as busy moms, how to create a summer meal plan, how to incorporate leftovers into the plan and more!



Episode Show Notes

5:00 Meet Elisa Giorgio of Meal Planning Blueprints

9:00 How Meal Planning Helps Busy Moms

10:00 How Meal Planning Saves Time

12:30 Using a Monthly Meal Plan

19:00 Meal Planning in the Summer

21:00 Adding Theme Nights to your Meal Planning

25:00 Using Leftovers in your Meal Plan

30:00 How to Get Out of a Cooking Rut

35:00 Meal Planning on a Budget 



Links and Resources Mentioned in Today's Episode 

Ultimate Theme Night Guide 

League of Extraordinary Moms

Healthy Living Transition E-Course

Hang out with Elisa

Blog: Meal Planning Blueprints





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