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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Apr 8, 2021

You may feel stuck in motherhood, with pressures coming at you internally and externally.

Self-awareness can be the missing piece that you don't realize that you need as a mom, and we are not talking about bubble baths here.

Heather joins us today to remind us that we moms have a choice. We have a choice about being intentional, about living with self-awareness, and about choosing to give ourselves choice so we can live fully an incredible life.

If you as a mom feel like if you are not burning out or burning the candle at both ends and that means that you must be doing something wrong! Then this message is for you because we are going to flip that thought on its head.

This glorification of busy, makes you feel like you don't have time. Addiction to busy is a cultural energy. So, why do you think that you are not allowed to change your life and slow down? What is really holding you back from creating the space that you need? Heather dives into the thoughts, feelings, and action plan in this passionate episode. So let’s dive in.