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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Aug 23, 2021

Did you make a vision for this year? Have you thought about it since you made the pretty vision board back at the start of 2021?
As we get ready to head into back-to-school season, it can feel like a new year.

New schedules, your kids might be going back in person (fingers crossed), new routines and activities.

This is a great time to pause and connect back to what you said you wanted things to look and feel like this year.

How to anchor back in:
-Did you create a vision? No worries if not but if you did go and find that paper and reflect.
-Ask yourself how it's going and what success you've had so far.
-Think about the last half of the year. How would you like things to improve? What areas do you want to keep working on?
-Has anything drastically changed for you?

Make a list of roles and categories of your life and write an "I AM" future statement that connects with your vision and goals. This could be "I am a half marathon runner" or "I have a great evening routine" or "I have finished 24 books this year".

Put these on notes around your home or the lock screen of the computer. And finally, schedule time in your planner to look back at this vision WEEKLY.

By keeping your vision top of mind, you're more likely to stick with it!

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