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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Nov 25, 2021

The holiday season can feel overwhelming with the need to do everything that comes flying at us. Yikes! --- There go the goals out the window till the New Year’s?! The crazy pull of everything at this time of year can feel like:

-Your routines come off the tracks during the holidays
-You feel like hitting your breaking point and realize too late that it’s all getting to be too much
-You didn’t have time scheduled for rest, gift wrapping, and shopping time
-It’s just about do, do, go, go!

How about we set our holidays up for success? --- a key here is keeping the bare minimum routines that we already have and need to keep our family going. Listen in on today’s episode where Cara coaches us through listener-submitted questions.

She says that it's all about prioritizing what you and your family want for this holiday season. Even if it means saying “no” and disappointing people.

This is a great way we can feel like we’ve got this crazy holiday season under control --- instead of the other way around. Enjoy the time you have at home with the kids plus get some things done.

Have more joy during the holiday seasons and feel less stressed. I encourage you to set out a plan and a roadmap that is just for you and your family --- what you guys like and don’t like to do, during this holiday season. It's up to you.