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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Dec 30, 2021

I remember the exact moment I became resentful of my family. I was home with my newborn baby and my husband had gone back to work. It was me and her—alone for the first time since she was born.

I had left my teaching job to attempt to work full time in network marketing a few years prior. I had dreams of starting my own business and coaching company.
I wanted more time freedom and the ability to make my own hours around my family and what actually mattered to us. And here I was, lying on the floor of our playroom with my two-month-old, sobbing my eyes out.
Surviving on a few hours of sleep, I watched my husband leave to go to work and thought, What about me?
I realized it was time to change the way I was living so I could ditch the burnout. I needed to make changes that allowed me to stop going a million miles an hour and carve out time for myself.
I knew that hustling the way I was would lead to resentful feelings toward my family when they weren’t moving at my pace.
And I was moving farther away from the mother I wanted to be.
That’s when I developed this system of the 15 Minute Formula that I am going to share with you in this book ...
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