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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jun 21, 2021

Mom life can feel super lonely. And when you're going after your goals, it's key to have a supportive space.

Because something happens when you start to go after your goals. The people around you might not like it. Now, they might not SAY it but things might start to shift.

They might to unintentionally (hopefully) start to sabotage you. They might start to get frustrated because you going after your goals is putting a mirror in front of them.

And truthfully, while I think it's important to enroll your family inside of the vision you have for yourself and your goals - I think it's better to have an outside system of support and accountability with your goals.

These are people who are more impartial and unbiased. People with similar goals who will cheer you on. People who will push you when needed and support you when you're struggling.

But how can you find them?

Here are some questions to ask yourself.
Who do you know in real life?
What community groups already exist?
What can I create that isn't already there?
If you notice that you've been struggling with your goals, do an audit of your support and accountability groups. It could be the missing lever to your success!

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