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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Feb 27, 2023

Sometimes that "All-or-Nothing" attitude can rear its head and keep us stuck, not making any moves toward our goals. Whether in business or home.

Today we are continuing our series where Cara is chatting with club members about their experience in the club, and giving their best tips. Ellen Westbrook is our APDM guest today and Ellen is sharing how she ditched her perfectionism attitude and started to thrive.

She went from having a stagnant business to one that is growing and thriving. Today she is even kicking off her first summit. So if you wanna swipe a free ticket to her summit, head to the show notes for the link!

Ellen is the owner of Engaging Reluctant Readers, where she helps reluctant readers find that joy in reading again. She talks about fostering family reading fun in her summit, and today she talks about how she was able to go from feeling like she could only work on her business when her kids were asleep, which led her to not work on it. To realize that she can grow a business in the pockets of her time.

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