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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jan 19, 2023

Having trouble planning? Or maybe you’re having trouble staying on track with your plans? Listen in on this behind-the-scenes coaching call with Cara and two moms from the A Purpose Driven Mom Club. They will be problem-solving their way through:

1. Managing kids and work life — and trying to get stuff done? Cara gets this a lot from people who think a planning system feels too structured for them.

Cara talks this through on her call that planning is really about flexibility while giving yourself self-imposed urgency. Planning gives you the urgency of those self-imposed deadlines and flexibility gives you a way to get stuff done even when life throws you curveballs.

2. What makes sense when it comes to push and pull inside seasons of life? When working on a new business and trying to figure out when to go hard on that work — you need a plan. What does it look like in your personal life? What does it look like in your work life?

If you like this type of coaching, go over to Get on the waitlist for the next open enrollment of the club and you can come to join one of our coaching calls where you can get coached by Cara or by one of our expert coaching team members.


The 15-Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey