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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Apr 14, 2022

How can you impact your emotions and switch to joy? How can "pausing" change your behavior pattern?

Join us in this fantastic episode where Cara teaches a class about finding your inner joy. From recognizing the negative conditioning that affects you and your emotions to the positive conditioning that is called joy.

Cara goes through practical steps that you can take when you have only a little joy and need a little more to when your body is in full freaking out mode and there's nothing that you can do, but panic.

Well, Cara's here to tell you that there is something that you can do! You can take all those negative emotions and switch them out for joy. Listen in for the step-by-step HOW!

How can we wire ourselves for joy?
How do we switch out our constant state of stress?

Listen to today's episode for strategies and tips to find out what really makes you happy, how you can change your brain state, and where you can change the feeling when you've had a bad morning and it turns into a bad day which turns into a bad week. And all your goals get shoved to the side.

Let’s find your joy …


The 15 Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey