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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jul 11, 2019

 In today's episode we're going to talk all about creating a morning routine that makes sense for a busy mom. This plan will allow you to customize your mornings, have some time for you, train yourself to be a morning person and start your day on the right foot!

Episode Show Notes

2:20 Why you need to bookend your day

4:00 Making a routine around your season of life

5:27 Can you find any quiet time in your day?

7:15 Training Yourself to be a Morning Person

13:34 The Power of Pre-Planning Your Mornings

16:60 Anxiety and that Negative Voice in Our Heads

20:16 Starting Your Moments in Silence and Reflection

22:00 Adding morning tasks into your time block - items for you, for your home and for your kids

23:00 Personal Tasks you can do in the morning

25:00 Tasks you can do for your home in the morning routine

30:00 Adding your kids into the morning routine


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