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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Oct 24, 2022

Today I wanna talk to you about how you can start to plan in advance for the holidays now so that you can enjoy the time. This is for your personal life and your business.

Now I'm a big backwards planner.

It's what's made me most successful in my business and it's what has allowed me to not feel like I'm gonna rip my hair out every single day as I manage my home and get to work on goals. I backwards planned writing my book. I've backwards planned getting my kids to school on time. I have backwards planned my lessons when it comes to my volunteer activities.

If we don't have a date, then everything else falls apart.

➡️How often do you try to pile way too many things in your calendar?
➡️ Just because there's a line in your planner doesn't mean you need to fill it? 

Listen to today's episode.

The 15 Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey