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Purpose Driven Mom Show

May 31, 2021

If you have 15 minutes, I guarantee you can change your day. I love a good 15 Minute Pick Up! We do these a few times during our day to reset the house and space. Quick pick-ups also a great use of transition time to signal that it's time to switch time blocks.

Here's how to add a 15 Minute Pick Up Into Your Home:
>>> Pick 2-3 times a day that you want to do them. Plan these in advance!
>>> Put on a 15-minute timer and some music
>>> Do the pick-up! The goal of this isn't perfection. It's clearing visual space and putting things away. You can do zones of the house, focus on one room, or one item.

For example, everyone can pick up the downstairs, the playroom or just go look for all the laundry in the house and bring it to the laundry room!

While I suggest you plan the times in advance, I also use 15 Minute Pick Ups whenever things in the house feel out of control and I need to do a quick reset!

Do a 15 Minute Pick up today and let me know!

Oh, and if you need more help with your goals, check out my free on-demand workshop on How to Find Time to Take Massive Action on Your Goals without Overwhelm or Burnout at