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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jan 22, 2024

Are you a mom who always plans at the last minute? In this episode of the Purpose Driven Mom Show, Cara shares the significance of early planning for the next month. Planning ahead keeps that flight or fight reaction down. 

Planning for the month ahead is a great tactic to incorporate into your routine. One thing to do is dedicate 1-2 hours to planning for the next month and to be intentional about it. If that is too long, break it up using the 15-minute formula to ensure your goals are being captured and they are being planned properly.

Cara shares the planning process that she uses for her goals. It involves reflecting on the goals you want to work on and then having a brain dump, where you write down all of your events and goals for the month on paper or using a tool like Trello. From here, you can theme out your goals and categorize them. If one week is a bit quieter and you find yourself having more personal time, put your self care goals here. The planning process does take some time, so it is important to do it well in advance so you are prepared for next month.

Take a listen!