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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Nov 26, 2020

Are you your own harshest critic? Rosanna Berardi, practicing lawyer and founder of High Wire Woman, which focuses on helping working women take back their most precious commodity - their time, dives into how you can alter your mindset so that you’re not constantly putting yourself down while allowing space and recognition of your mistakes to help you build back better.

Mistakes are often the best teacher - embrace them with grace!

If you’re frustrated with the overlap your work life has in to your home life, then the tips and tricks Cara and Rosanna share around inbox management will definitely make you more efficient and less mentally drained by the end of the day.

Rosanna also shares her ideas about automating necessary but repetitive day to day, week to week tasks that will - in some cases - literally buy you more time. After this episode, you’ll find yourself being nicer to ‘you’ and having more time for the important things!