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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Feb 23, 2023

Can you figure out how to ditch the perfectionism that is holding you back?! Well, neither could Nicole at first. Today Cara is talking with Nicole Banks who owns her own company over at Beautiful Things Media where she works as a video editor helping to inspire other moms through the darknesses of life, through her channel and the power of video.

But this wasn’t always the case! Nicole's been a club member for almost two years now, and in this episode, we are continuing our series where Cara is chatting with a club member to hear their experience, why they joined the club, what pieces of the framework they can use, and how it's impacted their home and their life, and their business.

Nicole shares all about leaving her dreams for a period and time of life till years later she is here and doing the work she has always dreamt of doing.

Listen to Nicole's story.

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