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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jan 6, 2022

Today we are diving into a secret productivity hack for the ladies! And yes, if you guessed ‘cycle’ you are right!. Our guest, Renae Fieck, teaches us the four different pieces that make up our cycle and she links it to our productivity. #lightblubmoment

How we manage our time, our energy, and the natural rhythms throughout our day are completely affected by this science.

How do we let go of the mom guilt, and get everything done? (all that pressure we put on ourselves) How do we give ourselves space and grace with this cycle/productivity knowledge? How do we use the natural rhythms of our bodies? Or our day, to become better women?

This year marks the 5th year anniversary that we are hosting the Purpose Driven Mom Summit and this is a presentation we pulled from it to share with you because we are so passionate about this and think all women need to hear this message.

Establishing an awareness of the rhythms of your body. Whether it’s the natural rhythms throughout your day or the rhythm of your cycle throughout the month, will change you get #allthethingsdone