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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Mar 4, 2021

How can you ditch the mom fog when you are just going through the motions in life. Just doing what needs to get done and feeling SUPER guilty for wanting more. As a mom, your biggest hindrance or weapon is what you think. Your thoughts direct your feelings and your feelings drive your actions. And your actions create the life you have. So how can you really create a life you love?! By changing your thoughts first.

This is what Hannah, today’s guest, dives into, and what she wrote about in her book “Mom Fog” about how we can change our thoughts to change how we look at life. Hannah also gets to the root and of the mom's heart in this episode. How you can bust past this mom's guilt for wanting more and live in joy and intention.

She is passionate about the tools to give moms the real solutions to change the thought patterns in your life. For you to find your joy that you can’t experience when you are drowning in mom fog.