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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Jan 20, 2022

How can you manage your time as a busy mom? How can you work on your dreams when the mountain of laundry is calling your name and the kids are home from school because of covid again!?

Today we are talking about how to manage your time using the power pockets method. As well as, the microwave minute.

I know that time management feels challenging as a busy mom and that’s because most of the time our days are unpredictable, like our kids. Cara was one of those people that used to schedule in her day hour-by-hour — until she had kids that is!

How can you use those tiny minute chunks throughout the day and maximize them?

Because sometimes that’s all that we get as a busy mom — those tiny chunks.

Power pockets are a different way to look at your schedule. It does require one hard thing though, and that is ditching the mindset of perfection in our schedule. Ditching the: “I can’t work on this goal until my kids are older” thoughts.

Let’s map out your power pockets strategically today!