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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Aug 29, 2019

Episode 16: Navigating Motherhood with Michelle from With the Huddlestons


This week’s episode was an interview with Michelle from With the Huddlestons. Our plan was to talk about talk about back to school routines and instead we pivoted to talk all things motherhood - from routines to self care and more!

As a wife, homeschooling mama of 4, and multi-passionate entrepreneur, it's no question that Michelle Huddleston wears many hats. Through her passion to create powerful movements in the home education and work-from-home fields, Michelle speaks professionally (locally and abroad), has self-published more than 8 books (2 Amazon best-sellers), and has co-founded one of the fastest growing online schools that provides supplemental and elective courses (Huddleston Academy Live Academics).


Episode Show Notes

5:45 Meet Michelle from With the Huddlestons

8:30 Michelle's struggle with mental health and how to begin to heal

10:45 Using affirmations to change your mindset

13:14 Practical Ways for Moms to 'do self care'

19:30 Background of HALA and back to school routines

26:00 Exploring learning at home

31:00 How to Run Your Own Race and Stay in Your Lane as a Mom

34:30 Ending the comparison game and embracing who God made you

37:15 Creating goals as a mom



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