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Purpose Driven Mom Show

Sep 26, 2019

Purpose Driven Mom Podcast

Episode 20: Weekly Planning System for Busy Moms


This episode is a sneak peak into the 15 Minute Formula Course and shows you the weekly planning system that helps me be super productive! Follow these steps each week to start your week with intention!


Episode Show Notes

2:15 Review of the Week

4:10 Digital vs. Paper Planning

6:27 Why I'm obsessed with Trello - check out a sample of our dates and events board!

10:15 How to set up your weekly planning system

13:30 Adding in things you can't change

14:50 Next, add in your 15 minute goal break down

16:02 Which habits or routines are you working on?

17:43 Adding in learning time for you and your goals

18:18 Batching the rest of your tasks

20:00 Nightly planning system




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