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Purpose Driven Mom Show

May 19, 2022

We're making some switches here and you're going to be the first to know. When I started my business five years ago, I did not know what I was doing. Let me tell you it was a mess. I was throwing spaghetti at a wall. Literally. I had recipes on my website, and, if you know me you will know that I cannot cook.

But now …five years later I have so many lessons I want to share. And I really want to share them with you, my purpose-driven mom, as you are figuring out how to create space and time for your personal goals there is also time for you to work on your side-hustle or entrepreneur startup!

So if you are a business owner and you are looking to figure out how you could actually scale and grow your business, and you've been spinning your wheels for months or even years, you're going to want to check this out today because I'm going to show you what I'm changing in my business and how it's helped me actually make more money and feel happier and more aligned.

Listen in to today’s episode.


The 15 Minute Formula Book by: Cara Harvey